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So, I put my own house up for sale on Idealista, a well known and respected portal in Spain! Here’s an enquiry I received, my reply, and their reply!

I can only say (without mentioning the name of this outfit) smells very iffy to me!!! If you’re selling do it right, don’t give an outfit like these control over your property! If you need legal representation get in touch, I have a superb and highly respected UK based International Law firm at your disposal!


ENQUIRY: Hi, We are interested in your Property. Can I ask you 3 questions. 1. Do you need all the money from the Sale right now? 2. Would you be open to receiving the money in Monthly Installments? 3. Would you Consider Renting your Property with an Option to Buy? Thank you Regards

MY REPLY: On 06/03/2020 13:43, Sovereign Property wrote:

Good afternoon,

I need to know the answers to certain questions before I can answer your enquiry. 1. Do you have a real client wanting to buy our actual house? 2. If so, how much cash are they able to put down? 3. How soon would they want to move? 4. What nationality are the client? 5. Do they know the property? 6. Renting is out of the question! 7. I've never heard of your agency, and have never been approached to sell in this manner! What cast iron assurances can you give, and what's your long term liability in the deal? If the deal was acceptable to us, we would want interest on any outstanding amounts, fully notarized with a default clause handing the property back to us if they default on one payment.

This is only to give you an idea of our thoughts; I need the answers to our questions before looking at this any further.

THEIR REPLY: Hi Sorry, it looks like you would not fit with our clients needs.

Regards John


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