Richard Mayger

Partner Director SI Channel


October 16, 2017, Richard was a client of Lee’s


Whilst searching for a property in Tenerife, we met Lee initially through a property we were interested in. From the outset, Lee was exceptionally knowledgeable about the true highs and lows of buying a property under Spanish and Tenerife law.. unfortunately the first property fell through.. BUT he stuck with us, understanding our buying criteria, vagaries of what else would interest us and ultimately came up with an absolute Diamond.. but only because of his knowledge and experience.. we would - if left to our own devices still be looking.. !! Lee hasn't just been a realtor, but he has helped us out, ferrying us hither and thither to get NIE's, bank accts, and generally working that extra mile to ensure the whole process wasn't a horror.. Would I recommend Lee to anyone that needed a personal .. Yes Definitely.

- Richard Mayger


Andy Nolan

PC at Northamptonshire Police Force


November 27, 2012, Andy was a client of Lee’s


Having bought property from Lee I found him to be very professional and thorough. He also provided after sales services and advice which I found invaluable. I would deal with Lee again and recommend him to any potential buyer of property in Tenerife

- Andy Nolan


John Ledlie

Consultant at Anntara Property Services


November 27, 2012, John was a client of Lee’s


I found Lee to be straight-up and ethical in all my dealings with him.

and would definitely consult with him on future property sales or purchases.

- John Ledlie


Jeordie Kennedy

at Stratheck Holiday Park & Loch Eck Lodges


August 25, 2010, Jeordie worked with Lee but at different companies


Lee was the first person I met when I arrived on Tenerife that I had full trust in. He helped Edna and I with countless amounts of legal difficulties as he is fluent in Spanish and being a well trusted Estate Agent had the respect of the people we had to speak to, lawyers, bank managers ,developers. It goes without saying that I would recommend Lee before you get into difficulties and he will keep you right. A trusted and respected friend. If you are looking for opportunities in land or Property, Lee is your man.

- Jeordie Kennedy


Jane Renshall

SCS Logistics Ltd -TPN


August 26, 2014, Lee worked with Jane in the same group


Lee is a team player along with strong team leadership skills. An asset to any company as he has strong valid work ethics.

- Jane Renshall

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